Clement Tong 唐子明 博士

唐子明博士是 Carey 神學院中文部主任,教授科目包括聖經科、華人神學科以及中國教會歷史科。他也是卑詩大學(UBC)亞洲研究部客座教授,並曾分別在溫哥華神學院 (VST) 教授聖經原文(希臘文和希伯來文) ,以及西門菲沙大學(SFU)教授翻譯學和文化研究科。唐博士有專業的註冊翻譯員資格,也是華人基督教音樂事工「頌恩旋律」的創辦人及總幹士。語言文字、音樂和教育,都是唐博士事奉生命中不可或缺的部分。

    • 聖經處境古今讀 (BIBL 500) Reading the Bible in Contexts

    • 基督教在中國 (HIST 507) Christianity in China

    • 活出信仰 - 建立神所屬意的教會 (INDS 610) Faith & Life in Church

    • 聖經基礎 (BIBL510) Bible Foundation

  • 個人著作 :

    • 唐子明,《權威與綻放:中文聖經翻譯的故事》(1919-2019) (香港:天道書樓,2019 (預計))

    • 唐子明,《啟示與文字:中文聖經翻譯的故事》(1807-1919) (香港:天道書樓,2018)

    • 唐子明,《從拉撒到和合本:華人聖經翻譯百年史》(溫哥華:樂筆出版社, 2018)

    • 唐子明,《白話基督教》(Christianity in Plain Language) (溫哥華:樂筆出版社, 1998)

    學術論文 :

    • “Preference over Loyalty? An Examination of Liang Fa’s use of the Morrison-Milne Bible and the Marshman-Lassar Bible in Good Words for Exhorting the Age.” In Haykin, Michael A. G. and Song, Baiyu Andrew, eds. Great shall be the day of Jezreel: A Celebration of the 200th Anniversary of China’s First Evangelist Liang Fa’s Baptism. Oregon: WIPF and Stock Publishers (scheduled for 2019).

    • “A Translation or A Revision? The Mandarin Union Version and its use of the Chinese base texts”, Journal of the Royal Asiatic Society Special Issue: The Centenary of the Mandarin Union Version of the Chinese Bible (scheduled for 2019).

    • “Understanding Ecclesiastes 7:15-18 through the lens of Zhuangzi’s (Chuang Tzu’s) Perspectivism" In Reading Qoheleth in Asia, International Voices in Biblical Studies (IVBS) series. Society of Biblical Literature (scheduled for 2019).

    • “Translating Memories – the struggle over Pikachu in Hong Kong”, Journal of Intercultural Studies (scheduled for Oct 2018).

    • “The Hong Kong Week of 1967 and the Emergence of Hong Kong Identity Through Contradistinction”, The Journal of the Royal Asiatic Society (HK Branch), v.56 (Oct 2016) 40-66.

    • “Western Apocalyptic Narratives in the International Arena.” In Jean-Guy Goulet, ed. Religion and Societies, Vol.3: Religion Transforming Societies, 65-88. Westport: Praeger Publishers, 2016

    • “Foreignized Translation and the Case against ‘Chinese Vernacular Fiction’”, MTM Journal, 6 (2014) 81-97.

    音樂創作 :

    • 頌恩旋律專輯:《神馳天地》、《詩中之詩》、《平凡完美》、《劇曲專輯》、《Amour》、《頌恩經典》、《與祢扣緊》、《在恩典中敬拜》

    • 劇目 :《唯獨祢是不可取締》、《未完的故事》

    書評 :

    • Review of Goodwin, Philip, Translating the English Bible: From Relevance to Deconstruction (Cambridge: James Clark & Co, 2013) for the Review of Biblical Literature (Jun 2015).

    • Review of David G. Burke, John E. Kutsko, and Philip H. Towner (eds.) The King James Version at 400 (Atlanta: Society of Biblical Literature, 2013), Review of Biblical Literature (forthcoming).

  • 學歷 :

    • PhD (Religious Studies, UBC, Vancouver) 卑詩大學宗教研究哲學博士

    • MA (History, UBC, Vancouver) 卑詩大學歷史學碩士

    • MCS (New Testament Studies, Regent College, Vancouver) 維真神學院基督教研究碩士 (新約研究)

    • MSc (Pharmacology & Therapeutics, UBC, Vancouver) 卑詩大學科學 (藥理學) 碩士

    專業資格 :

    • 註冊翻譯員 (STIBC, CTTIC)

    • 卑詩省監誓員 (Commissioner for Taking Oaths & Affidavits for the Government of British Columbia)