CAREY NACCM 10th Anniversary

CAREY NACCM 10th Anniversary
Letters from Friends
Faculty and Staff of Chinese Ministry Department
[Pastoral & Chinese Ministry (PCM) Program/Hudson Taylor Centre]
Tyndale Seminary





Rev. Dr. David Chan, Alliance Bible Seminary, Hong Kong

It is with great pleasure that I am writing this to congratulate Joyce and her colleagues in Carey for establishing the Chinese program ten years ago. They had made sure quality theological training was delivered as a result. I had the privilege of co-teaching a course with Joyce on Ministerial Ethics and have learnt from her persistence on excellence in the process. I also had a chance to teach courses on Homiletics and Church Administration in the program and had the joy of attending two commencement ceremonies and witnessed many graduates of the Chinese programs receiving different diplomas. However, that joy though great cannot be surpassed by the joy of knowing many of these graduates are faithfully serving the Lord in different churches. Many of them not only become my friends after being my students, some even are examples of my ministry. Allow me to affirm the ministry of Carey, Joyce and her colleagues and pray that there will be many more ten years to come for the program. It is my wish that this program will continue shaping the future of the Chinese churches worldwide by producing high caliber servant leaders and pastor scholars.
To God be the glory and Christ and He alone deserves all honor and praise.

Yours in His Fellowship,
David Iu Pang Chan
Vice president, Alliance Bible Seminary



根據福音書, 「婦女們」在耶穌宣講天國的事奉裡扮演着不可或缺的角色, 時至今日, 眼見婦女們在神國度中能發揮更大的影响力。而克里威廉神學院與中信中心卻能把握時機, 創辦了特別為婦女們「度身訂造」的 “華人基督徒婦女生命造就課程”。課程的內容是信仰與生活兩者兼備, 使婦女們在聖經、神學及信仰生活化的層面上均有所反省及學習。
一般而言, 這些婦女課程, 未必能吸引大量的婦女參加, 亦未必立刻能對温哥華各教會產生具大的影响; 然而, 當我和師母有幸能參與其中的教學時, 一方面, 深深地受到婦女們的熱心和願意學習的心所鼓勵; 另一方面, 透過在課堂上, 姊妹們的深入分享, 讓我們更感到神在每位女兒生命中的奇妙作為。婦女們在課堂上所學到的知識固然寶貴, 但其生命的造就或品格的塑造, 才是更寶貴的果子; 一顆被更新的生命能影响另一個生命; 婦女又能影响其丈夫及兒女, 又能影响教會及週遭的人群, 最後就能為神的國度帶來令人震撼的影响力! 誠意邀請所有婦女們, 與克里威廉神學院及中信中心, 繼續一同努力, 為神的國帶來更大的震撼吧!



Dr. Marcus Tso, Canadian Chinese School of Theology at Ambrose Seminary

Congratulations to you and Carey for the great work the NACCM has done over the last decade!  Time certainly flies!  I count it a blessed privilege to have been involved in this work at Carey for a few of those years.  As I continue to serve the Chinese churches here in Alberta and beyond, I take with me what I have learned at Carey.  May the Lord continue to bless your work in whatever new and exciting form it takes.

Yours in Christ,
Marcus K. M. Tso, BASc, MDiv, PhD
Assistant Professor of Biblical Studies
Canadian Chinese School of Theology at Ambrose Seminary


感謝神, 讓克里威廉神學院及OnTrack領袖培訓學院能抓緊服事華人教會之時機, 於2005至2010年伙伴合作舉辦Carey-OnTrack領袖証書課程, 藉此培育華人教會領袖。一般的神學院往往側重學術上的訓練, 而容易忽略實際領導訓練的重要性; 就如一位愛車人仕經過修讀一些有關汽車的課程後, 可謂對汽車的各部份零件、構造, 及其驅動之原理均瞭如指掌, 雖對汽車有此深入的認識, 誰知卻不懂得入油、換輪胎, 甚至是不懂架駛其汽車。然而, 克里威廉神學院卻嘗試平衡學術理論與實踐 領導其兩者的重要性, 實在難得。甚願神繼續祝福Carey神學院NACCM的發展, 並藉此造就更多華人教會的領袖。

Rev. Enoch Yim (嚴國樑牧師)


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